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Tuesday, May 23

USA Today article on Beasely and Donovan

By pure happenstance glanced the cover of the US today on train. Apparently, Donovan is engaged to an actress Biance Kaliljich or something. Not much else of note for most here


  • Those two guys (Forehead #1 and Forehead #2) DOMINATED Morocco last night. I've never seen a finer brand of football played in Nashville (Tennessee). Sam's Army was out in force - it was really a festive atmosphere. Everyone who was not at Dolly Parton's theater revue was there. It's too bad that Claudio Reyna, surprisingly, fell victim to injury yet again. Seldom happens to the "maestro." Of course, losing 1-0 shouldn't dampen the spirits of the USA's supporters. Have you seen those new Nike and Gatorade commercials??? They fire me up!!! The Czechs, Itals and Ghananians should be shaking in their boots about now...

    Pass the Kool-Aid, bhoys!!!

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 6:01 AM  

  • For me, at least when Claudio buggered off the US went forward with a bit of verve.

    It's all well enough to involve Claudio's slow and steady approach when we're up a goal and hanging on, but when the opposition is poor, you want to storm forward and he's simply not that man.

    I thought Landon and Josh Wolff were the two main culprits. Wolff was simply ineffective and he's bound to get most of the attention from fans still wondering if Twellman's exclusion is a great idea. But Landon was not good. His finishing when he even chose to shoot was poor, but even worse was his distribution. I'd have to look at the game tape to see how many balls he passed behind his target, striking their heel, but I bet it's a half dozen times at least. And even when we had 6 forward looking players on the pitch, Landon was still uninterested in competing for the ball when it came loose and he was closest. No leadership at all.

    I half expected to hear that McBride had picked up Landycakes by the nutsack at the half and spit out "I'm not tracking back to my own 30 to make a tackle that you should have made ANY MORE!! Got it?"

    By Blogger gooner71, at 8:04 AM  

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